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Writing and Content

Copywriting Program


Live Course Schedule
  • 1
  • Session
Session 1 "Online"
"Understand what's content marketing

Identify your role as a copywriter in it

Link between copywriting and content marketing 5Ws"
01:00 PM, 20-05-2022
  • 2
  • Session
Session 2 "Online"
"Take an in-depth brief

Ditch typical briefing templates

Extract exclusive data from the client"
12:00 PM, 21-05-2022
  • 3
  • Session
Session 3 "Online"
"Create a full content strategy with its 5 pillars

Practice the application of each pillar on your copy"
06:00 PM, 22-05-2022
  • 4
  • Session
Session 4 "Online"
"Identify drafting challenges

Identify writer's block causes and how to avoid them

Know how to generate creative ideas

How to apply short-term influencive items to your content"
12:00 PM, 28-05-2022
  • 5
  • Session
Session 5 "Online"
"Highlight what to add in your copy to make a content go viral

Get deep into the top Model used for creating a copy that sells

Win a checklist of how to know my copy is ready to get published"
12:00 PM, 04-06-2022
  • 6
  • Session
Session 6 "Online"
"Create an attractive Portfolio for job hunting

Know what makes your portfolio stands out

Identify your next action plan to be a rockstar copywriter

Explore your options in the 2022 job market"
06:00 PM, 05-06-2022

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