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Data Analysis

Data Analysis Program

It's an Hyprid program includes 6 sessions (4 offline sessions & 2 online sessions)

Start Date : 9/2/2022 

End Date : 26/2/2022

You will learn in our Data Analysis program the upcoming content : 

Firstly in Excel : the basics of spreadsheets, cleaning and wrangling data using a spreadsheet, data structures and relationships, analyzing data using spreadsheets and Data Analyst as a career. 

Secondly in PowerBi : Data Analyst as a career, Create data cleansing processes in Power BI, Organize your data model, DAX Basics, Build Interactive Reports, Deploy and share your solution and Kaggle & final project requirements.

Live Course Schedule
  • 1
  • Session
Data Analysis
Introduction to Data Analysis
07:07 PM, 19-01-2022
  • 2
  • Session
Session 1 "Offline"
"(Module One) You will learn about the basics of spreadsheets, including spreadsheet terminology, the interface and navigating around worksheets and workbooks. (Module Two) You will learn about selecting data, entering an editing data, copying and auto filling data, formatting data, and using functions and formulas."
07:00 PM, 09-02-2022
  • 3
  • Session
Session 2 "Offline"
"(Module Three) You will learn about cleaning and wrangling data using a spreadsheet, including the fundamentals of data quality and data privacy, removing duplicated and inaccurate data, removing empty rows, removing data inconsistencies and white spaces, and using the flash fill and text to columns features. (Module Four) You will study data structures and relationships"
06:00 PM, 12-02-2022
  • 4
  • Session
Session 3 "Online"
"(Module Five) You will learn about analyzing data using spreadsheets, including filtering data, sorting data, using common data analysis functions, creating and using pivot tables, and creating and using slicers and timelines. Data Analyst as a career"
07:00 PM, 16-02-2022
  • 5
  • Session
Session 4 "Offline"
"Module1: Connect and organize your data Module2: Create data cleansing processes in Power BI Module3: Organize your data model"
06:00 PM, 18-02-2022
  • 6
  • Session
Session 5 "Online"
"Module4: DAX Basics Module5: Build Interactive Reports Module6: Deploy and share your solution Module7: Kaggle & final project requirements"
06:00 PM, 19-02-2022
  • 7
  • Session
Session 6 "offline"
"Recapping Project presentation"
05:00 PM, 26-02-2022

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