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Saturday, 04/04/2020

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How to choose a career path & how to sell your CV as a fresh graduate ?

A)    Choosing a Career Path:
One of the most popular dilemmas that confuse fresh graduates is how can I choose a career path specially for those who graduate from faculties related to Business, Accounting, Literature or any generic field of study. It is really important to focus on the below points before considering a real career path:
1)     Make sure to have a deep thought what is your passion in life and what are you aiming to achieve.
2)     Talk to your professors and close friends seeking their advice according to the potential they recognize in your capabilities.
3)     Think about what you really do well.
4)     Don’t be afraid to give it a try, it is very normal to start in a certain career and then change your career, you have to learn by doing.
5)     Try to keep an eye on the flourishing careers in each generation, for example nowadays, Artificial Intelligence is the future of the coming decade!
6)     It is always better to change different positions at the early ages of your career until you settle rather than changing your career late, it is still doable but harder!
7)     Don’t be ashamed to change your career, it is never too late.
Tip: KFC grew and flourished when its owner aged almost 65.
8)     Avoid pessimistic thoughts and try to always interact with positive and ambitious people.
9)     A good idea is to always have a role model or a leader by example to encourage you keep moving forward!
10)  Work hard and forget about making huge profit specially at the early ages of your career, profit will definitely increase once you master what you are doing so be cautious and patient!

B)     How to sell your CV as a Fresh Graduate:
Fresh graduates are always confused regarding what is the best way to show their capabilities in a CV, especially through this very hard competition in the market and that a lot of employers are trying to choose the best fit for their organizations. Below are some tips that fresh graduates can abide to when they draft a CV:
1)     As a fresh graduate, you are not asked to have more than 1 pager CV.
Tip: You don’t have practical experience yet to have a 3-4 pages CV, the assumption that this will increase your chances of being shortlisted is incorrect!

2)     You have all the right to write a generic objective as you are not focusing on a specific field.
Tip: Example of an objective: It can tackle different fields in the business field including (Business, Customer Service, Administration, etc...)

3)     You should add all your volunteering activities, publications if any found, research papers if any found as this shows how competent you are.

4)     Adding your hobbies and interest also play a vital role at that stage of your career.
5)     Adding your references play a vital role too specially well know professors or CEO’s of organizations you have trained at.
6)     Don’t forget to add all your trainings conducted or internships throughout your study at college.
7)     A professional photo as a fresh graduate increases your chances of being shortlisted.
8)     You have to adjust the font, size and check all grammatical and spelling mistakes.
9)     Make sure to save your CV in a PDF format.
10)  Attaching a well written cover letter along with your CV increases your chances of being shortlisted.
Tip: Make sure to mention all of the tasks you have performed in a training, internship, etc., as if you are an experienced candidate as this will increase your chances of being shortlisted.

11)  As a student at college, try to attend as many internships as possible as this will increase your chances of being offered a job opportunity in any of these organizations.

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