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  • Location : Cairo

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With a legacy spanning over 40 years in both the FMCG and Agriculture business making some of Egypt’s best-loved snacks. Once again we are proud to introduce Egypt’s first Kettle cooked potatoes snack.

Our approach means we constantly strive to do good for our consumer by choosing the very best ingredients for our products; the finest quality Lady Rosetta, and Caruso potatoes, lightly pealed, Thicker sliced, and batch fried in 100% sunflower oil for a unique and, superior crunch.


- Providing a varied selection of premium quality products to different classes of Egyptians.

- Increase returns for all our stakeholders.

- Creating a healthy and attractive work environment.

- Increasing the level of awareness regarding proper nutrition.

- Reducing our environmental impact.

- Playing our part in improving the Egyptian economy and the communities we operate in.

Mission statement

Providing the Right Products for Egyptian.

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