Engineering and Interior Design Course

Engineering Career

Course Duration: 01h 01m

In this course you'll learn:

-How to start your first step?

-How to benefit in a right way from your academic life and practical life?

-How to work on your graduation project?

-How to build your career?

-How to start your first step in your career?

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Engineering Career

Course Curriculum

Get introduced to the content of the course.

Know more information about the content of the course and know what is Engineering career.

Know the first step you should take as a student in the faculty of engineering.

Know overview about the engineer and know the main requirements you need in your academic and practical life.

Know overview about your academic life as a student in faculty of engineering.

Know about the departments of faculty of engineering.

Know about the importance of summer training during your academic life and how to get a summer training.

Know the main soft skills which is important for you as an engineer.

Know about the graduation project and how to choose your suitable graduation project.

Know about your practical life as an engineer and how to start it.

Know more about the practical life as an engineer and how to work with high quality and get promoted.

Know how to build your career path in the engineering field and the factors of it.

Know more about the building your career process, the main factors which affect it and how to improve your knowledge.

Know what should you do before starting your first step in your career.

A story about how to overcome your fears and obstacles which will face you in your career.

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