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Performance Management

Course Duration: 37m

In this course you'll learn:

-The Difference between Performance Management and Performance Appraisal.

-The Performance Management Process. 

-What is Prerequisites and competences?

-How to set a strategic objectives?

-What is Performance Planning?

-The Difference between OKR and KPIs

-What is Performance Execution ?

-What is Performance Assessment (Performance Appraisal)?

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Performance Management

Course Curriculum

Get introduced to the content of the course.

Know the meaning of performance management, the steps of performance management cycle and the difference between performance management and performance appraisal.

Know about prerequisite phase in the performance management process and know the meaning of strategic objectives, job descriptions and competencies.

Know the meaning of KPIs, It’s elements, forms and how to prepare a KPIs form for the objectives of each department in the company.

Know the meaning of OKRs and the differences of OKRs and KPIs.

Know about the performance execution phase in the performance management cycle and the phases of performance execution.

Know the last phase in the performance management cycle which is performance assessment, how to prepare it’s form and the common rating errors of evaluation.

Ahmed Darkawi

People & Culture Country Manager


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