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Personal Branding

Course Duration: 35m

In this course you will learn:

-What is personal branding?

-You'll go through a journey inside yourself.

-What are personal branding phases 

-You'll find your purpose and vision

-What are your strengths?

What are your weaknesses?

-How to communicate your brand?

-Online and offline branding tips

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Personal Branding

Course Curriculum

Get introduced to the content of the course.

Know the meaning of personal branding and the importance of it.

Know about the process of creating a personal branding identity for yourself.

Know the importance of finding your purpose and how to find it.

Know the meaning of the vision, how to set it and know about SMART goals technique.

Know the meaning of strengths, it’s forms and how can you know your strengths.

Know the meaning of weaknesses, it’s forms and how to set your weaknesses.

Know how to presents and deliver your brand identity to people.

Know how to present yourself on the online platforms and how to choose the suitable platform for your brand identity.

Know how to present yourself offline, how to increase your network and how to present yourself to externals.

Know about the last phase on personal branding which is executing.

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