Graphic Design Course

Photoshop for Everyone

Course Duration: 37m

In this course you will learn:

- What is Adobe programs.

- What is different between vectors and raster.

- What is selection tools and how to use the ben tool.

- The difference between CMYK and RGB.

- How to use clone stamp and patch tool.

- The difference between highlights, midtons and shadows.   

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Photoshop for Everyone

Course Curriculum

Get introduced to the content of the course.

Know about Adobe, how it started and it's programs.

Know the base of the photos and the differences between vector and raster.

Know the types of extensions in photoshop and the difference between JPG, PNG and PSD.

Know about the selections tools in photoshop and how to select by using pen tool.

Know the color modes on the photoshop, the difference between CMYK and RGB and how to use them in a right way.

Know how to use clone stamp and patch tools in editing to remove a specific part from the photo.

Know the difference between highlights, midtons and shadows effects on photoshop. 

Know about hue, saturation and value color modes on photoshop.

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