Sales Course

Selling Techniques

Course Duration: 01h 07m

In this course you will learn:

- Sales function within the organization.

- The FABE model for product knowledge.

- How to make a competitive analysis.

- The difference between outbound and inbound.

- How to make a cold call.

- how to identify the customer's needs.

- How to deal with objections.

- How to close deals.

- Following up process. 

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Selling Techniques

Course Curriculum

Get introduced to the content of the course. 

Know what is sales function and how to use it by knowing the sales strategies and the difference between marketing & sales and sales & business development.

know how to think in a positive way to sell your product well, and how to be so clever to persuade your client.

Know how to study your product very well by using sales techniques like FABE technique.

Learn how to make a competitive analysis and analyze your competitors in a very specific analyzing method.

Know how to take your sales journey from the beginning (your research) to the end (closing your deal) and what is the difference between a customer and a prospect.

Know what is the difference between inbound marketing and outbound marketing and how to use a best strategy in both cases and apply these processes.

Start your first call or cold call perfectly by knowing how to grab your customer’s attention through 4 specific steps and how to avoid the barriers that can prevent you to close your call effectively.

Learn how to identify the customer’s need to cover it through the sales process.

How to ask targeted effective questions by using an open and closed-ended questions and probing questions and know when to use each question.

Learn how to customize a presentation for your customer and how to use the FABE technique in your presentation.

Know what is the best method to make a perfect demo to persuade your customer with you product through specific steps and what are other alternatives of a live demo.

Know how to close deals and what are the 3 questions that save your deal before breaking it down.

Learn how to change your feature to value through 3 steps.

Know the huge damage of discount and how it can reduce the product’s value so, learn how to set a lot of solutions to help your product from not being valuable.

Know the following up process and the advantage of following up.

Recap for the content of the course and know the tips and tricks of your sales techniques journey.

Karim Mustafa

Training and Process Improvement lead


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