Ahmed Saber

Senior Product Manager Follow
Ahmed Saber

Experience :
Senior Product Manager
Hoffman LaRoche November/2016 - January/2018
Ad. interim Sales Manager for Respiratory New Launch
Community Pharmacist
Eglal Pharmacy July/2008 - October/2008
Health Care Provider
Medical Representative
Novo Nordisk May/2010 - October/2011
Human Insulin & NovoNorm line
Associate Brand Manager
Novartis Pharma February/2013 - February/2014
Galvus - Diabetes Line
Therapeutic Area Manager
Hoffman LaRoche February/2018 - /
Sales and Marketing Manager (Neuroscience Franchise)
Medical Representative
Eli Lilly October/2008 - February/2010
Insulin Analogues & Glustin
Executive Medical Representative
Novartis Pharma October/2011 - February/2013
Power Team - Galvus line
Hypertension Line in Primary Care Franchise
Novartis Pharma April/2015 - October/2016
Diabetes Line in Cardio-Metabolic Franchise
Diovan Range Brand Manager
Novartis Pharma February/2014 - April/2015
Hypertension Line in Primary Care Franchise
Supervisor at the Junior Summer Program
AUC May/2006 - May/2007
Supervisor on classes of different grades
Education :
General Pharmacy
Pharmacy / Ain Shams University September/2003 - June/2008

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