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Internship Process

How it works ?

Start your journey with our Internship Program that will let you apply to our internships provided by our Corporates on our platform.

1. Soft Skills Sessions

You will learn about the most important skill in your career life; (Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Interviewing Skills, Negotiation Skills, Career Planning), followed by a quiz - 60% to pass

2. Technical Sessions

In technical sessions you will learn the most important topics, tips and tricks, trends and beneficial resources in your field, each topic followed by a quiz - 60% to pass

3. Get Career 180 Badge

Finally, get your badge and apply to any of our internships on Career 180 Platform.

That's not all ...

You will be able to take RIASEC assessment and book your next Career Coaching Sesssion.

RIASEC Assessment

Are you confused about your career? If yes this is a good opportunity to take RIASEC assessment, that will help you understand more about yourself and your hidden capabilities.

Career Coaching Session

After taking the assessment you will be able to book a Career coaching session with a certified career coach.

Start Your Journey

Enroll in the internship and grant access to our partnered corporates with opportunities of many vacancies and internships.







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