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Business Development Program


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"- Introduction to Business Development
- Different pathways in Business development and it’s challenges
( Sales, Sponsorships..etc)
- How to full understand your company goals and value proposition to create short and long term development plan.
- Your company’s Product life cycle.
- The best Techniques in Business development in creating strategic plan.
- How to research your market to create competition analysis and find development opportunities.
- Practical Activity “Create your company short strategic development plan”

"- Understand your customers’ needs and challenges.
- Understand your company’s competitive edge, history and resources.
- How to assign your goals with the marketing team.
- The techniques of writing your company’s proposal and profile.
- Practical Activity “Create your company proposal”"

"- How to establish a good leads, sponsors, Partners and vendor acquisition targeting plan.
- Sales funnel and acquisition rate.
- How to find contacts to your leads to reach them.
- LinkedIn Tips and tricks.
- Different Networking activities to reach your leads.
Practical activity “Create leads targeting plan and reach clients contacts”

"- Understanding how to design and execute a negotiation process.
- Cold calls techniques and activity
- How to understand other people interests and their body language in communication.
- Negotiation skills techniques
- Practical Activity “Apply what you learned”"

"- The Art of Closing your deal
- What you should do pre, during and post your meeting with the client
- Meetings techniques
- Practical Activity “Apply what you learned in an actual meeting”"

"- Create a strategic CRM system to sustain your clients
- Understand the post deal documentation and process
- How to keep your customer (customer retention) & why?"

"* Sales function within the org.
* Sales Mindset
* Product Knoweledge (FABE)
* Competitive Analysis
* Prospecting
* Outbound VS Inbound
* Colld Calls

"* Identifying the customer’s need
* Asking Effective Questions
* Presentation & Blocking Objections
* Demo
* Closing & Creating sense of urgency
* Offering the price
* Colld Calls
* Discounts "

"Be an Excellent Negotiator!
(Techniques and Language for successful negotiation!)"

"- Improve your soft skills
- Interviewing Tips and tricks
- CV writing Tips and tricks.
- Practical activity “ Join an actual interview “ and “ Write your own CV”"

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