A Event Management Live Course

Events Management Program

It's an Hybrid program includes 8 sessions (5 offline & 3 online)

Start Date : 6/2/2022 - End Date : 22/2/2022

You will learn in our Events Management program the upcoming content :

What’s events management, types, life cycle, and its risk and crisis management?

You will learn how to create events proposal, Event breakdown structure, sponsors targeting list and the art of closing deals and team structure.

You will finally be able to pitch your own event !

Course Schedule

"- What is events management? - Types of events. - Events management criteria. - Events life cycle. - Planning for an event - Event Breakdown Structure "

"- Risk & Crisis Management - Personal branding - Proposal writing and how to land a client - Networking and important events in Egypt. "

"- The 5 dysfunctions of a team - Different roles in events - Team canvas - LinkedIn Tips and tricks. "

Wedding Planning

Event Operations Management

Event Operations Management

"- Introduction to Business Development - Different pathways in Business development and it’s challenges ( Sales, Sponsorships..etc) - Sales funnel and acquisition rate. - How to find contacts to your leads to reach them. - What you should do pre, during and post your meeting with the client - Meetings techniques - The Art of Closing your deal"

"- Divide into teams and create an event scope - Work on the Event Breakdown Structure - Pitching techniques - Pitch your event idea in front of event managers and sponsors."

Mohamed Akmal



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