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Graphic Design Program


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"a Tour of Photoshop!

Opening, Editing & Saving in Photoshop

vector / racter

Jpg / PnG./ Psd

CMYK / RGB / GrayScale

Layer pannel


"How to Use pen tool in Photoshop pen tool"

"How to Use Layers & Masks in Photoshop

How to Cut Out Hair in Photoshop"

"How to Remove Blemishes from a Portrait in Photoshop

Clone Stamp tool

Patch tool"

"Scale, Rotate & Align with Transform in Photoshop

Control + T

Advanced scale Perspective

the Liquify Tool"

"How to Add Text to a Photo in Photoshop

Text tool


"How to Use Adjustment Layers, Levels & Curves in Photoshop

highlight / med tones /shadow

hue / saturation / value"

"How to Dodge & Burn in Photoshop

Dodge tool

Burn tool

Sponge tool

Brush tool"

"Smart object in Photoshop


Crop & Resize Images "

"Business English : How to present your design concept!"

"- Improve your soft skills

- Interviewing Tips and tricks

- CV writing Tips and tricks.

- Practical activity “ Join an actual interview “ and “ Write your own CV”"

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