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Hesham Yossery . Product Manager at


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Hesham, in a nutshell, is a young and motivated entrepreneur working hard for his success.
Hesham has already engaged with 15+ international and local communities and founded 2 Startups.
He is extremely passionate about entrepreneurship, marketing and interactive training and enjoys sharing his knowledge and experiences with others.
Currently, he is working as Ecosystem engagement manager at GEN Egypt / MCSBE with the aim of supporting the Egyptian entrepreneurship community by inspiring young people to develop their ideas into And Co-Director at Startup Grind Cairo, He is responsible successful initiatives and companies. For one of the very successful programs of ICSB in Egypt “ICSB Academy” which is designed to educate, engage, and connect entrepreneurs.


  • Marketing Director at Technovation Summit ( 2016 - 2016 )

    Marketing Specialist

  • Marketing Director at Technovation Summit ( 2017 - 2017 )

    Marketing Specialist

  • Marketing Executive at Chefchaoun Co-working Space ( 2015 - 2017 )

    Create and execution Marketing strategy

  • Social Media Specialist at Maker Faire Cairo ( 2017 - 2017 )

    Managed Social media platforms. Media Coverage

  • FIELD COORDINATOR at Injaz Egypt ( 2016 - 2017 )

    Coordinate with INJAZ trainers in classrooms to implement INJAZ programs in schools. Implement INJAZ program in case of volunteers’ absence

  • DIGITAL MARKETING EXECUTIVE at Kites Egypt ( 2017 - 2017 )

    Managed Social media platforms. Managed all Digital Marketing activity

  • COMMUNITY MANAGER at ICSB World Congress ( 2019 - 2019 )

    The 64th ICSB World Congress in Egypt; The future of Entrepreneurship! ICSB 2019 World Congress is where the academic theories meet the practical side to come up with efficient practices for the entrepreneurship ecosystem all over the globe!

  • PROJECT MANAGER at ICSB Academy ( 2019 - 2019 )

    The International Council for Small Business (ICSB) is excited to offer its 5th annual ICSB Academy, the highly successful program that brings students from around the world together for an intensive, week-long experience that will challenge, stimulate, and build entrepreneurial skills. Based on the philosophy that organizations, including businesses, exist to meet the needs of our communities and society, the Academy will emphasize the triple bottom line–profit, people, and the planet.

  • PROJECT COORDINATOR at GEN Egypt ( 2017 - 2017 )

    Coordinate project management activities, resources, equipment and information. Break projects into doable actions and set time frames. Report updates verbally and in written form to management. Analyze risks and opportunities. Monitor project progress and handle any issues that arise. Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation, plans, and reports.

  • COMMUNITY COORDINATOR at GEN Egypt ( 2017 - 2018 )

    Developing and executing an overall community engagement strategy to drive growth. Improving,measuring and execution success of current programs. Working with teams spanning the entire foundation, including. Marketing, Public Relations, Operations,and Events. Demonstrated ability to actively listen and determine customer needs Exhibited interpersonal and verbal communication skills.

  • ECO-SYSTEM ENGAGEMENT MANAGER at GEN Egypt ( 2018 - 2019 )

    The Global Entrepreneurship Network Egypt operates a platform of projects and programs aimed at making it easier for anyone to start and scale a business. Responsible for the development, coordination, and management of l programs. Develop and implement program goals, objectives, and outcome measurements. Determine and direct appropriate method of service/delivery; eg. Information, facilitation, training, coaching mediation, intervention or referral. Demonstrate a strong understanding of community development principles and practices. Consult and collaborate with community members/group. Manage GEN Egypt special projects as required. Manage complex issues with multiple partners that may include political consideration. Participate in the creation and maintenance of appropriate partnerships and relationships.

  • Product Manager at ( 2019 - Present )


Faulty Of Commerce at Cairo University ( 2014 - 2018 )

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