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Sales and Business Development

Bussiness Development Program

It's an Hybrid program includes 7 sessions (4 offline & 3 online)

Start Date: 7/2/2022 - End Date : 21/2/2022

You will learn in our Business Development program the upcoming content:

Introduction to Business Development, its different pathways and challenges (Sales, Sponsorships..etc). Your company goals and product life cycle, how to create strategic business development plan from research, targeting, approaching, closing deals in meeting and implementing.

In addition to creating your company proposal, CRM system and operational plan.

Practical Activities:

- Proposal Writing.

- Meeting simulation.

- Targeting and creating leads.

- Creating short strategic business development plan.

Please check all course details below

Live Course Schedule
  • 1
  • Session
Session 1 "Offline"
"- Introduction to Business Development - Different pathways in Business development and it’s challenges ( Sales, Sponsorships..etc) - How to full understand your company goals and value proposition to create short and long term development plan. - Your company’s Product life cycle. - The best Techniques in Business development in creating strategic plan. - How to research your market to create competition analysis and find development opportunities. - Practical Activity “Create your company short strategic development plan”
06:00 PM, 07-02-2022
  • 2
  • Session
Session 2 "Online"
"- Understand your customers’ needs and challenges. - CAC, LTV. - Understand your company’s competitive edge, history and resources. - How to assign your goals with the marketing team. - The techniques of writing your company’s proposal and profile. - Practical Activity “Create your company proposal”
06:00 PM, 09-02-2022
  • 3
  • Session
Session 3 "Online"
"- How to establish a good leads, sponsors, Partners and vendor acquisition targeting plan. - Sales funnel and acquisition rate. - How to find contacts to your leads to reach them. - LinkedIn Tips and tricks. - Different Networking activities to reach your leads. Practical activity “Create leads targeting plan and reach clients contacts”
06:00 PM, 12-02-2022
  • 4
  • Session
Session 4 "Offline"
"- Understanding how to design and execute a negotiation process. - Cold calls techniques and activity - How to understand other people interests and their body language in communication. - Negotiation skills techniques - Practical Activity “Apply what you learned” "
06:00 PM, 14-02-2022
  • 5
  • Session
Session 5 "Offline"
"- The Art of Closing your deal - What you should do pre, during and post your meeting with the client - Meetings techniques - Practical Activity “Apply what you learned in an actual meeting
06:00 PM, 16-02-2022
  • 6
  • Session
Session 6 "Online"
"- Create a strategic CRM system to sustain your clients - Understand the post deal documentation and process - How to keep your customer (customer retention) & why? "
06:00 PM, 19-02-2022
  • 7
  • Session
Session 7 "Offline"
"- Improve your soft skills - Interviewing Tips and tricks - CV writing Tips and tricks. - Practical activity “ Join an actual interview “ and “ Write your own CV” "
06:00 PM, 12-02-2022

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